Resources for workshops

Here are some specific handouts and exercises that have been used in power analysis learning events and workshops.

  • Power and Empowerment: Summary of concepts and approaches

    This handout can be used to give a more detailed explanation of the three faces of power. It can also be useful to have in paper copy when learners are doing any of the exercises listed on this page.

  • Chicken Run (animated film)

    Handout by Irene Guijt). ‘Chicken Run’ is a great animated movie for children, but is really all about citizenship and rights and many forms of power. It is readily available online or from DVD and video rental shops. If time allows, the whole film can be shown (for example in the evening, if a residential workshop)

  • Power Cartoons

    From Irene Guijt, Learning by Design. A set of eight cartoons is available which use humour to explore the three faces of power, as well as the alternative forms of power (power over, power to, power with, power within).

  • Power Twister

    An exercise by Forumsyd aimed at exposing the power that you work with and against. We have called it ‘power twister’ as it involves mapping the powercube on the ground and moving around in the space!

  • Three Scenarios Exercise: Visible, Hidden and Invisible Power

    Distribute copies of the Visible, Hidden and Invisible Power handout to small groups of 5-7 people, and ask them to read together and discuss the three scenarios, making connections to the three faces of power. Like the cartoons, it can be used before or after introducing the three faces of power (many thanks to Jude Howell for this exercise, from her course on Empowering Society, IDS, 2002).

  • Sample Learning Event 1

    This sample learning event outlines a sequence of exercises to help learners connect their personal experience and case studies with concepts and theories of power.

  • Sample Learning Event 2

    This sample learning event begins to apply a power perspective to real-life situations, with a focus on the issues and challenges that were identified in sample learning event 1.The powercube is introduced as a framework for analysis and strategising.

  • Sample Learning Event 3

    This sample learning event outlines the process of a learning trajectory on power. It combines workshops with periods of work-based learning and reflection on practice, supported by some form of coaching.

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