Welcome to powercube.net – a resource for understanding power relations in efforts to bring about social change.  Powercube.net contains practical and conceptual materials to help us think about how to respond to power relations within organisations and in wider social and political spaces. This resource is a collective effort, please contact us if you have something to contribute and share with others interested in power analysis.

Read an introduction to power analysis

The Powercube

  • Plan a workshop

    A practical guide for facilitators, trainers and teachers who want to introduce people to concepts and methods for understanding and engaging with power. Includes ways of using the powercube in group situations.

  • Analyse power

    What is power and why does it matter? This section introduces theory and critques that can be used to understand power.  Learn about the powercube and different forms, spaces and levels of power.

  • Strategize for action

    This section contains resources that can be used to develop strategies to action. Focusing on the Power Matrix as a way of moving from analysis of power to action that can build, shift or influence power.

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