Background to other forms

The analytical sources for this section are drawn both from the original authors and from secondary interpretations, cited as we go along. Much analysis of these sources is based on inquiries by the Power, Participation and Social Change (PPSC) team at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and our colleagues at Just Associates, Oxfam GB and others looking for useful ways to bring awareness of power into social and political change strategies and practices.

Recent research by the PPSC team at IDS is summarised in the edited collection Exploring Power for Change (Eyben et al., 2006) which includes an article on the powercube ‘Finding Spaces for Change’ (Gaventa, 2006) as one of several perspectives. The ideas of Bourdieu feature in articles by Navarro, Moncrieffe, Eyben and Taylor and Boser. Other important sources include Lisa VeneKlasen and Valerie Miller’s A New Weave of Power (2002), especially chapter 3 on ‘Power and Empowerment’ and also Jonathan Gaventa’s succinct review of theories of ‘Power after Lukes’ (2003).

References for further reading

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