Other approaches to spaces

Closed, invited and claimed (or self-created) spaces are not the only spaces for participation. There are other approaches to space in power analysis as well.

In various applications and uses, many other relevant terminologies have been added to this continuum, such as  ‘invented’, ‘conquered’, ‘instigated’, ‘initiated’,  or even ‘empty’ spaces.  For instance, work in Colombia has identified a broad continuum of public spaces, for further information read the pages on other ways of analysing spaces.

Feminist approaches to power have also pointed to the important of looking not only at public spaces, but what happens in the private and intimate spaces as well. For more information read other forms of power on gender perspectives to spaces.

For this reason, the ‘spaces’ dimension of the powercube may be thought of as a spectrum, ranging from closed spaces in which  powerless groups or individuals have little rights or voice, to more open spaces, which are created by relatively powerless groups themselves.  Sometimes even the created spaces may also be ones that are created as forms or places of resistance from powerful actors, and may also be made hidden or invisible to them.

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