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workshop participants group photoMany people have contributed their experiences and tools to this power pack.  At IDS, the project has been led by John Gaventa and Jethro Pettit in the Power, Participation and Social Change team, with additional assistance from Laura Cornish, Kate Hamilton and Rebecca Napier-Moore.

We have worked closely in using and developing applying the powercube with a number of collaborators, especially Irene Guijt of Learning by Design, colleagues at Just Associates, notably Lisa VeneKlasen and Valerie Miller, and Jo Rowlands at Oxfam GB.

We have benefitted enormously from the opportunity to work closely with a number of organizations who have applied the tool to their own work, including Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Great Britain, PSO (Netherlands), Christian Aid, the participants in the Dutch Civil Society Participation study led by Irene Guijt, colleagues at the Carnegie UK Trust, the Polytechnic University of Valencia and all of the participants at our June 2009 workshop on power analysis.

Dozens of others have inspired us in how they have used and adapted the powercube, as well as created other applications for power analysis. Where possible, we have identified each of these contributors at appropriate places in the pack.  We are very grateful for the resources for this project received from the Participation and Development Relations Programme (PDR), funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

Other members of the PPSC team at IDS whose have contributed to our collective work on power in development and social change include Andrea Cornwall, Rosalind Eyben, Rosemary McGee, Joy Moncrieffe, Zander Navarro, Peter Taylor and Joanna Wheeler.

We would also like to thank Guy Anderson of Zero G Media, and colleague Danny Hope, in the participatory design and user-focused development of this website.

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