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Currently has more resources for some of purposes than others – but our vision is that, as a live resource, the website will continue to grow and evolve through your engagement with it. Rather than viewing users as a passive ‘audience’ we strongly encourage you to engage with this website and become co-creators of a continually improving resource, by sharing your experiences, ideas and tools with us. If you would like to send us your own resources to add to this website and share with others please contact us.

The website can be read and used in its entirety, or dipped into. It is designed so that there are multiple entry points that may be relevant to different users, with cross-references built in to help you follow particular lines of enquiry. Students and researchers looking for an introduction to the underlying concepts will find starting at analyse power particularly useful; those looking to build power into a facilitated process or teaching programme may want to look first at plan a workshop and those thinking about strategies will find strategize and act particularly inspiring. All three of these sections link to examples of how the relevant ideas have been applied in practice, but if you first want to immerse yourself in the practical material before deciding which of the other sections you are interested in it is all gathered together in the resources section. And finally, any references to further reading in the text are shown in full at the bottom of each page.

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